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Desiree Scott was born and raised in the beautiful Show Me State and currently lives with her husband and two children in the Midwest. She has been writing for over 15 years and writes romantic suspense, paranormal , and contemporary romances.

Growing up, she has always enjoyed writing and crafting different stories and plots. She has her Masters in English and Creative Writing.

She is the author of the upcoming Perfect Game series, Perfect Bait and Perfect Finale. When she’s not writing, she is spending quality time with her friends and family.

Crescent Vendetta
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Crescent Vendetta by Desiree Scott


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Wolf-shifter Vanessa Burns has survived a life of brutality and neglect. Being kidnapped, drugged, and forced into an underground fighting right is just the beginning of one man’s sick and twisted obsession.

Travis Kameron, the Alpha of the Crescent Ice Pack, suffering a similar fate; wakes up to find that his life is about to be irreparable changed by the fierce she-wolf in the next cage.

Can they put aside old rivalries and the past and work together to not only survive and escape but to weather the storm of complications, revenge, and betrayals waiting for them on the outside?


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Review: Crescent Vendetta:

This is my first book by this author, so I was unsure what to expect, I was not disappointed. The book starts with Travis Kameron the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack waking up in wolf form in a cage with no memory of how he got there - to make matters worse his senses have become dull but most importantly, he has lost the ability to shift back into his human form!

In the cage opposite, he could see a white wolf, a female with the most incredible green eyes, she was watching him but refused to answer when he tried to speak to her via a mental link. She was Vanessa Burns, she had been there for a long time, she didn't know how long because the men keeping her there, kept drugging her. Her brother Aiden, the Alpha of the Outlander Pack was the only person she thought might be looking for her but had it been too long, had he given up by now? Vanessa feared she couldn't last much longer, she's been drugged so many times, they drugged her to wake up, to make her sleep, she's been beaten countless times and shocked by a vicious shock collar just as many, but being raped by Dominic the leader of these men was the worst point of her captivity.

Dominic runs an illegal fighting ring and forces shifters to fight or die Vanessa has lost count of the lives she has taken to survive but she knows she's getting weaker and soon she will be the one to die. Her greatest regret is that she will never see the pup she is carrying.

Over time a connection/bond forms between Travis and Vanessa, Travis leans which pack she is from, her father killed his father but was then killed by her brother. Her father was a cruel and terrible man who had made her life hell. Will Travis hold her father's sins against her?

Days pass, they don't know how many but the day comes when they are put in the ring together, they are supposed to fight to the death - but neither will fight the other. Then just as Dominic is about to shoot one of them they are rescued by her brother Aiden and members of his pack.

What follows is a moving and exciting story about love, betrayal, and learning to trust set against a background of family love, hate and distrust. A really well written and enthralling story.

The narration of this book by Rebecca Winder was excellently done, she managed to capture the essence of the characters together with their feelings which added to my enjoyment of this very well written paranormal love story.


Review: Crescent Vendetta: 5.0 out of 5 stars

 Great Read

I recently became acquainted over FB with this author and decided to read one of her works. I'm glad I did. Crescent Vendetta is a fun book to read with engaging characters and a strong story line. The strength of the book is in the understated manner the author writes the story, Some books a reader can't put down, and this is not one of those, but it is a book the reader doesn't want to put down, as the need to find out what happens on the next page is as strong as the passions in the characters themselves. Read it in one evening, simply because it is that good. Looking forward to Number Two

His Deadly Obsession
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His Deadly Obsession by Desiree Scott


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He has a deadly obsession – her. 


Chelsea Hopkins thought she had killed the man who abused her. When her desperate mark misses its aim, fear keeps her running. She has spent years one step ahead of him, a man hell bent on destroying her. Running has taught her that trust was a fragile illusion that she couldn’t afford, or it could kill her. 


When she hits Sweet Valley, Georgia, Chelsea had no intention on staying long. Armed with scars and nightmares, she soon forges a new life and a new identity beneath layers of deceit and deception but her time is running out.


Ian St. Clair can see the pain in Chelsea’s eyes, the shattered turmoil in their dark depths. He craves nothing more than to keep her safe. He knows she wants to escape her past and he will stop at nothing to show that she belongs in the small community, with him. 


Can Ian protect Chelsea, or will she keep running?


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Perfect Bait
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Perfect Bait by Desiree Scott


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Nineteen-year-old Allie Walker’s life has been hell. She would do anything to escape. The painful experiences of the drugs, the beatings, white trash talk of the small town—anywhere else would be better.


Desperate to escape, she hitches a ride with a total stranger to leave her haunting memories behind. She can’t change the past, but maybe she can alter her future, even find the lost brother she hadn’t known existed.


As she accepts the ride, something heightens her senses. Was it his eyes? The air of innocence? With nothing more than her instincts screaming at her, Allie will do whatever it takes to survive.


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Review: Perfect Bait:

5.0 out of 5 star The devil you know

The devil you know

Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you do not know. Allie is tired of her life being white trash and beat upon. So she wants to change her future so she hitchhikes and gets a ride with a stranger. This book is fast paced and full of action. I really liked Allie, the action kept me reading more. I hope there are more books because this one was fantastic.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Review: Perfect Bait:

 A shockingly exciting thriller


“Perfect Bait” is a horror-filled, exciting suspense thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat even after you finish the last page. The main character Allie is a survivor that will win your heart and remain in your mind well after finishing this first book in this series. You will be impatiently waiting for the next installment in this series. I highly recommend beginning this journey by reading this tale.
I received a free copy of this book for an honest review

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