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Drew Kientz is a well-traveled former hellion from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

When not channeling his own wild life experiences into "A Perfect Order," Drew can be found at home chasing his kids around and playing with his small zoo of furry companions. An avid gamer, he enjoys any game that has an immersive story. 

Drew has set down roots with his wife Ara and family in New Mexico, USA.


Juniper Appleblossom is a drug addict, self-appointed rock star, and unknowingly one of the most powerful Enlightened ever to walk the Earth. After meeting Dr. Tuppence Buckingham at gunpoint, she is dragged into a world of secret societies where people with special abilities jockey for power while holding back threats who prey on mankind.
In a matter of days, Juniper discovers that demons, spirits, and witches are all very real, and a 187-year-old French man tells her she is supposed to be mankind’s latest budding savior. Even though her powers develop faster than anyone else who has come before, Juniper is more concerned with getting her next fix.
She’ll have to bring together clashing lifestyles if she has any hope at tackling her first supernatural threat. A local Arkansan Cherokee tribe has a wendigo problem, and she’s the only one who can stop it.

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Excerpt :

“Baptism by Fire”

    Everything was going in slow motion. Juniper could feel the very life force of a few hundred other people smothering her senses. She could see electricity flowing through all the monitors along the wall, the floor. Heart beats set to beating against her ear drums. She covered her ears with her hands but it did nothing to stymie the near-deafening humming noise against her skull. 
    She had to get out of here. Juniper quickly jumped off the stage and aggressively pushed her way through the crowd. Some people tried to talk to her but she couldn’t focus on them right now. As alive as she felt, she was also incredibly overstimulated. Hiding her eyes with her sunglasses barely helped. 
She worked her way upstairs and her vision shifted. To her. everyone was glowing. Their brains were shining out from behind their eyes. Juniper stumbled her way through the throng, messily bumping into people and softly whimpering to herself when they’d shout something in protest. Other people ignored her. Just another stupid white girl too wasted to walk normally. 
    When she made her way outside, Mike the Bouncer said something to her but she couldn’t make it out. Whereas she was normally very friendly with the huge man, this time all she could manage was shrieking, “Get away from me!” at him as she made a beeline for the alley next to the club. It was dark there. She needed dark. Once she stumbled about halfway down the alley she fell to one knee and focused on her breathing for several minutes. After what seemed like an eternity she stopped seeing the pulsing lights from electrical currents flowing through the club’s wall and the incessant sound of a few hundred heartbeats wailing on her ear drums.
The pain was sharp and hot before her jaw instantly went numb. Before she realized what was happening, a boot, attached to a leg, whipped out of the darkness and caught her in the solar plexus, causing all the wind to escape from her lungs and dropping her body to the ground like a sack of bricks.
"You stupid bitch," hissed a Liverpool dockside accent. "Meddlin' in fuckin' shite that you don't have any fuckin' business meddlin' with."
    Juniper's inhale was a rasp as she clawed at the loose gravel and asphalt of the alleyway. Her vision was tunneling and she finally understood what the phrase "seeing stars," meant. Before she could begin to make sense of what was happening, her attacker kicked her square in the abdomen again, causing an involuntary shriek of pain to escape her lips.
           "Where's your Tuppence now, eh?" The man hissed, turning away and walking a few steps as the tell-tale snick! sound of a switchblade let known the true intentions of her assailant.
       "Parading you around this piece of shite city like some sort of trophy. Pah! I don't see nothin’ special. Maybe I'll stick you a few times in the cunny with my own brand of knife before you go cold? Oh, this is gonna be fun!"
The night had already turned into a complete mess. All she wanted to do was to go home. She wanted her spoon and rig. As the man crooned on about how he was going to plough her asshole, a simple thought boomed into Juniper's head: "No."
A serene, supernatural calm came over Juniper. She found some well of willpower that she didn’t know was there before. Instead of hearing everybody else’s pulse, she now could only hear hers. She could feel her own hot blood coursing through her veins. The world slowed to nearly a halt. For this moment, she existed in the time between heartbeats. 
She looked at the club’s wall, somehow feeling electrical currents coursing through the bricks, through the power lines hovering above. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She let the power come through her body as naturally as opening her eyes. Feeling no pain, she stood up and instinctively reached out towards this horrible excuse for a man with her right hand and wished he simply didn't exist anymore. All at once in this incredible crux of time, she imagined that everything was pulling this cretin apart; that nothing lay where his head rested on his shoulders. 
The world instantly filled with a brilliant blue-white light and a truly deafening boom roared and echoed up and down throughout the alleyway. Her vision was stained with a crackling streak towards the man, as if one had stared at the sun for a few seconds too long. The air smelt of burnt ozone, hair, and something she couldn't put her finger on. Lamb? Incredulously, she saw raw blue tendrils of electricity crawl down from her fingertips and halfway down her arm before disappearing into the air. The veins in her arm were emitting a soft light showing all the patterns she knew so well from being a junkie.
She looked up from her hand to where her would-be murderer stood. The top half of his head was gone; a blackened, smoking ruin. His charred tongue perversely hung loose down his neck as his lower mandible swung free, still barely attached to what was left of his skull. His chest was covered in smoking contact points where there were flaming holes instead of flesh, bone, organs, or sinew. 
Time snapped back into place with the rest of the world and the man's body crumpled to the ground. A storm had been forming during her time inside Aftershock. A long streak of lightning flashed and crawled across the sky leaving trailing booms of thunder to follow in its wake. Juniper looked down at her right arm and noticed how similar the pattern of her glowing veins looked in relation to the lightning that just crashed above. That serene calm left her like someone pulling a plug. She started laughing and couldn’t seem to stop.

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