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E.S. McMillan is a self-proclaimed Superhero. She is a mom to 4 amazing boys. Married to one of her best friends and has plans to take the world by storm.

E.S. was born in California, raised in New York, and now resides in Connecticut. 

E.S. is a lover of the written word and cannot remember a time when there was not a book in her hand or an open notebook close by, waiting to be filled with her stories.

For the months of August and September 2021 she will have a special order form for signed copies that will be linked throughout this page (click on the book covers). These following books are only the books on that order form so check her out on Amazon to see all her current releases because this is only some of them.

Yes I’m Ready

Follow the rules!

That's all Reed Hunter had to do.
He has had his fair share of heartbreak and disappointment. After choosing to leave his career as a successful lawyer to follow his passion, his world falls apart. While picking up the pieces, he embarks on a new path...teaching.

Celeste Ward is ready to put the past behind her and welcomes the fresh start that college promises. After stumbling into her first class late, something awakens in her that she never knew was there.

What happens when rules get broken and lives become intertwined?

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For What It’s Worth

What will it take to get her back?

When the hurt that I caused the love of my life finally gives me a reality check, will it be too late?
Or can I pull off a Christmas miracle?

I plan on getting my wish!



Best friends from birth. Sisters forever. Things start to change for Tabitha and Zoey Ryan right before their sixteenth birthdays.

When secrets are confessed and strange things start happening, will a premonition come true?

Find out what happens when Tabitha and Zoey start to become whom they were born to be


Old Fashion Love Story

“Promise that you’ll wait for me.”  The promise of his girl’s love and a basket of homemade donuts is all Drayton Michaelson has and needs when he enlists in the army and heads off to war. A young man with his whole future ahead of him and the love of Vera Thompson has no idea the cruel fate life has in store. 

Fifty years later, Vera Thompson is still waiting for her love to return and hanging on to the promise of a life together with Drayton. A beautiful and sassy woman who’s holding a lifetime of love in her heart and a secret recipe for sweets has no idea what a simple request will set in motion. 


Will a wedding and some old fashion donuts create magic and an old-fashioned love story?

Old Fashion Love Story.png

Peace, Love and Allenville Vol I

Sit back and take a trip to Allenville, South Carolina. A simple little town filled with love, laughter and hugs. Follow along with this collection of short stories that will warm your heart and show you that there is sunshine after the rain. **Featuring**A New Beginning, After The Rain, January’s Journey Home, Catching Fireflies & First Kisses, The ABCs Of Love

Peace, Love and Allenville Vol I.png

All Around the Sour Gummi Patch

Trey Walker couldn't wait until he left Allenville, South Carolina and Nina Logan behind for good. Growing up in the small southern town under the watchful eye of his grandmother, Trey always knew that his future was somewhere far away. He needed to get away from everything and everyone that he felt was holding him back from truly being happy. Nina Logan loved the home that she was left in when her mother decided that she couldn't parent her little girl anymore after the death of her husband and Nina's father. She instantly slid into the routines of lazy Sundays and helping out at her grandmother's beloved candy shop. The one sour spot in her new life was Trey - the boy next door who seemed to have the world's biggest chip on his shoulder.Trey and Nina met as children and couldn't have been more different than each other. When forced to reunite as adults, can they get past old feelings and assumptions to find the sweet after the sour?

All Around the Sour Gummi Patch.png

Beyond the Pages

We’ve all heard the tales and know how they end. Haven’t you always wondered what comes next for the characters after the story ended? What if Merlin got it wrong? Was all well in Neverland after Wendy and the Lost Boys returned to London? What really happened between and the giant? What did Bastian do with his wishes? Go beyond the pages of some of classic fiction's most popular stories and discover the answers to the age old question...What comes next?

Beyond the Pages.png

Always Mine

No secret will stay buried forever.

Shelby Davis has lived the past eighteen years trying to move on after the death of her husband. With the help of her now teenage daughter, time has continued to march on. When a secret is discovered, everything that Shelby has held on to dearly will be forever changed. Will Shelby be able to pick up the pieces and hold on to what had become her’s.

Always Mine.png

Autumn in Connecticut


I thought I had more time. I thought I was going to be different from my mother and her mother before her. I did everything right and still, all I have is six months left.

After receiving the news that my short life was almost over, I made the decision to stop what I was doing and open up my notebook to the page of things that I wanted to do and see before I closed my eyes forever.



I stepped up! I signed my name on the dotted line and bravely served my country. I did and saw things that no man ever should. When my time was up and it was time to go home, it hit me. I was not the same bright-eyed and bushy-tailed boy who left home. All I wanted to be some peace and quiet. I found it at Arrington Farms & Orchards with Old Gus and his apple trees.

When these two broken souls cross paths will they be able to let go of the anger that consumes them and let in the love they both thought they would never have?

Autumn in Connecticut.png

South Carolina Nights

With an old picture of her mother, nothing but the clothes on her back, a song needing to be sung, and a bus ticket to Allenville, SC, Starr Logan is ready to start over. Running away from everyone and everything, Starr heads to the one place that her mother told her 'everything will always be okay'. Will Starr be able to find the fresh start she's looking for, or will the ghosts from the past make her run again?

South Carolina Nights.png

Before the Two

A vision showed Beatrix the end of her coven and the world as she knows it. Follow along as she races against time to change what she saw. Can she get to Alexa in time and stop her from setting in motion the war that will change everyone’s fates?

Before the Two.png

Tessa's First Glass Beads

Tessa_s First Glass Beads A Sex Shop Novella.png

Tessa Bailey has had enough! Enough of a job that has done nothing but suck the life out of her. Enough of sitting back and watching life pass her by. Just enough of everything!

When presented with an opportunity for something crazy and fun by her best friend, Tessa decides to jump in with both feet. Little does she know what she is getting herself into.

Sometimes you have to be willing to learn something new to really live.

Axel's Anchor: Twelve Drumming Drummers Series

Axel_s Anchor (Twelve Drumming Drummers Book 6).png

Axel Bryant has lived a charmed life. Growing up in the shadow of his father, he is determined to make a name for himself. After losing a drumming competition, Axel returns home to make it big.


Bella Armstrong grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. With the cards stacked against her and dreams of becoming a prima ballerina, Bella has no room in her life for distractions.


When these two meet, will they be able to follow their hearts and make beautiful music together?

Faith Under Fire: A short stories collection

Faith Under Fire.png

The road of faith is never an easy one. It is often filled with doubt that slows the journey to peace. Follow along with three men of faith as they walk the path and are forced to overcome the hurdles placed in their paths.


Featuring three short stories entitled The Visit, Forgive Me Father and The Messiah’s Heir.

Just Another Day

Just Another Day.png

Mel’s eighteenth birthday was supposed to be just another day. When Prince Matthew of Raventann walks into her bedroom, he sets off a chain of events that Mel never expected.

Will a chance meeting between two opposites turn into something special or will Mel end up having just another boring day?

Luca Lays It Down: Twelve Drumming Drummers Series

Luca Lays it Down.png

Luca Konig marches to the beat of his own drum - in both life, and in love. Raised in Milan, Italy by a hardworking single mother, he knows hardship well. When a music internship in New York is offered to him he jumps at the chance of a better life for himself, and for his mother.


After losing a drumming competition out of state, Luca heads back to New York even more determined to focus on a career in the music industry.

What he doesn’t plan on is sexy fireman Gage Maxwell inadvertently turning his life upside down, leaving him uncertain of his true desires!


When it comes to his heart, will Luca keep playing hard and fast or is he finally ready to lay it down for just one guy?

A Pint of Scotland Love

A Pint of Scotland Love.png

Stella Lune is crazy about love. Everyone around her thinks she’s just plain crazy. A barmaid in the local pub, Stella’s true passion is art. Searching for love, Stella finds it in the most unusual place...the internet. The perfect man, Al, is miles away in Scotland. Dropping what little she has, Stella decides to follow her heart, move to Scotland and help Al run his pub. The only problem...he has no idea who she is.

Alistair Haxton doesn’t believe in love. Lucky for him, his Grandpa Mack does. Alistair is shocked when a crazy woman shows up at his pub claiming to be in love with him. Knowing that his Grandpa is involved and this crazy woman has nowhere to go, he does the only thing he can and offers her a job.

Can Stella Lune and all her quirkiness remind Alistair that true love is real?

Home For Christmas: A Short Story Collection

Home for Christmas.png

It’s been said many times and in many ways that you can never leave home. We carry the most important parts of home under our skin, at the corners of our eyes, and even under the earlobes.

Follow along as two brave women who left home years ago let their desire to return home and be whole again guide them past their shame, hurt and anger.



Celebrate Me Home

The Christmas Adventure

Home Again

When in Spain

When in Spain.png


What should have been the happiest day Calvin Walker experienced ended up being the absolute worse. The love of his life left him waiting at the altar without so much as a Dear John letter.


With the prodding of his best friend, Calvin decides to not let his honeymoon go to waste. He needs a fresh start, and what better place to get it than in Spain.


Will a little bit of Spanish flavor be enough to mend Calvin's, broken heart?

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts.png

Hearts is the name of the game.


Carrington Sawyer lived the life most people only dream of. She had a great job and the heart of one of Allenville’s most dangerous men, Duke Markson.


When Chase Erickson places a bet at her Heart’s table, Carrington’s life is turned upside down.


In this game of hearts, who will win the queen’s?



Secrets are what drove Sophie Hood away from the only home that she has ever known. After some time away a familiar pull calls her back.


Secrets have haunted Declan Wolfe for a long time and cost him his mate.


When secrets are revealed, will these two old friends be able to fix what is broken and fulfill a destiny that was set before their time?

Cherry Cola Dreams

Cherry Cola Dreams.png

Daryl Philips discovered that the sun will shine again after unexpectedly losing the love of his life right after the birth of their daughter. During the worst of his personal storm, Darryl was ready to give in to his grief. His father stepped up and showed his son just how resilient he is.


Melvin Philips showed the world the true definition of the word father. He helped his son discover that the sun really does shine after the rain pours down...and if you are really lucky, you will get to witness the miracle of a rainbow.


When Melvin falls ill, Daryl realizes that it is his turn to step up. It is time for him to be there for the man who was always there for him.


With a little help from his friends, will Daryl be able to help Melvin realize a long forgotten dream?

Chantara's Song: A Children of Chaos Novella

Chantara_s Song.png

Who said fate has the final word?


Born to sit on the throne and reign, Chantara is not your typical siren. With the voice of an angel and the kiss of death, she is poised to be the deadliest siren this world has ever seen.


Taught the ways of the ocean by her older sisters and equipped with a predestined plan of attack, Chantara is ready to claim her crown on her sixteenth birthday.


Will Chantara fulfill her destiny or will love intervene?

A Spotted Situation

A Spotted Situation.png

All that glitters...or has spots, isn’t gold!


Macy King is a spoiled brat who has it all. The heiress to a major entertainment management firm, Macy thinks she has it made. With the hottest new actor on her arm, Macy doesn’t even notice Evan Martin ~ a low-level assistant who has nothing but hearts in his eyes when it comes to her.


Evan Martin is trying to make a better life for himself. Growing up with almost no family and barely a roof over his head, he jumps at the chance to become the assistant to one of the world’s hottest actors. It doesn’t hurt that he also gets to work for the girl who stole his heart when she bumped into him and then laughed with her friends in their elementary school cafeteria.


With a little help from Evan’s great-grandmother, these two are on a magical collision course that neither one of them could have ever dreamed of.