Ellie Rice

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In my span of reviewing an extraordinary debut book crossed my path that had me desperate to tell the author how impressive her book is. Filled with characters that are hilarious and irreverent and the books contain some extremely hot men who have some fantastic moves in the bedroom! Spending abundant time adoring her men while wanting to be soul sisters with her heroines considering they feel as if they could be witty right alongside me! Truly, these are the kind of snarky, entertaining women that you would love to spend time with therefore, obviously, I remain wild about them!! Escaping into a book I factor in quite a few elements, especially if it's a cover to cover read, and Ellie's work just takes a reader out of the moment and transports you to her characters and locations, then all of the sudden, without realizing it, it's been read cover to cover!! Painting a verbal picture, especially the naughty bits, creatively and engulfing the reader with emotions, from laughter to desperation the emotions run the gamut. Always is not long enough to be a fan of Ellie's with the way she has of completely transporting someone into her world, these are books to read repeatedly!

Key Series
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