Jessica Ames


Years ago, I was looking for an author for a takeover and this woman saved my bacon. After it was over she offered me an ARC of her upcoming debut Snared Rider. Trying to branch out and delve into some MC books, I gave it a chance. The writing and characters captivated me completely and from there I was enamored!! The way she creates the world for you is phenomenal, but also the way she writes vibrant characters rendering me giddy with excitement knowing there's a new one for me to discover. From her very first book, she was a new favorite author and every book always ends up better than I imagined. At this point in her career, there is a finished first series, The Lost Saxons. Jessica has also written a few contemporary romance novels that she would probably I rather not mention, but I adore. Now moving on to darker romance with her Untamed Sons series, starting with Ravage, much darker than the first series, it just hit me right in the heart, making me fall into her words never to come up until it's over and I'm begging for more! As the years pass, her writing voice matures, her scenes more addictive as I become more enthralled, I honestly wouldn't have thought it was possible. Talented and astonishing in what she can do with words, it keeps me guessing every single time I pick up one of her books. How I long to keep reading the characters and worlds created forever, as her words are enthralling and page turning madness!!

Lost Saxons Series

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Untamed Sons Series
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Sinner's Series
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World Books
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