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Karen Nappa writes Seasoned BDSM Romance with HEA. Their growing library includes TRAPPED (a D/s story), and CHERISHED (an age-play story). Now, they’ve embarked on a completely new adventure in the Appalachian hills of Ohio–THE QUINN QUARTET.

Immersed in the D/s lifestyle themselves, they write realistic albeit romantic stories. When not dominated by their cats or their Master (in that order–even if it earns them a spanking!) they love going to Club Indigo and other places to discover the stories that are waiting to be written.

When not texting, skyping or writing together the American half likes to spin yarn and make quilts, while the Dutch "partner in crime" prefers to go for a run while listening to heavy metal.

April 11th, 2019 will be a date they will always remember. Not only was it the day their debut Trapped (Club Indigo 1) was released, it also was the day that the two halves of Karen Nappa met in person.

Delving Deep
Delving Deep Karen Nappa.jpeg

She is far too stubborn and feisty for his tastes.
He is too controlling and domineering for hers.

When they meet sparks fly but it could never work.

He wants a perfect submissive wife, who will be a help in daily life and a vixen between the sheets.

She wants an equal partner, not someone with his head stuck in the 1950s. 

When they are thrown together to uncover a dangerous scandal in their small town, they will finally give in to their mutual attraction.
But will it last?

Can he love a woman who challenges him at every turn?
Can she love a man who demands her complete submission?

Author’s note: Although it isn’t necessary to read Healing Jacob’s Heart, The Quinn Quartet books are meant to be read in order because of the over-all story arc. Each individual book contains its own romance and Happily Ever After! This book contains elements of power exchange and is written for a mature audience.

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Finding Trouble
Finding Trouble Karen Nappa.jpeg

Don’t come looking for trouble… because it will find you

Maddy has been called a rebel and a troublemaker her entire life. Struggling to find her way in life under the watchful eyes of the domineering men in her family, she's known for taking risks.

Lou is back from twenty years of active duty. It left visible and invisible scars but honed his skills and sharpened his ingrained instinct to protect the weaker. On his return, he's prepared for Peaceful to be changed but he isn't prepared to meet his childhood best friend or how she makes his cock harden and his palm itch. His baby girl will rebel against him at every turn, but he's determined to keep her safe, well-satiated and her bottom thoroughly blistered so she has no choice but to accept him as her Daddy Dom.

Don't miss this friends-to-lovers small-town romance with a swoon-worthy Daddy Dom in uniform and a doctor who fought for her independence all her life.​ Although Finding Trouble is a complete romance novel we advise starting this series by reading Delving Deep first.

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She never thought trusting him with her body would give him access to her most  guarded body part—her heart. 

Welcome back to Peaceful, where danger spikes to new heights. 

Sapphira is a hard-core masochist who craves pain more than sexual release. She doesn’t let  men in her life, let alone her home, and now Master B has been there twice. The first time, the  intensity of his scene pushed her so far into subspace, released way too many emotions… she  didn’t dare let down her guard a second time. Not with anyone. 

But that was before everything went to hell, and now, not only is he back in her home… but  he might just be in her heart. 

Author's note: Standing Fast is the third installment in the Quinn Quartet. Although the book  contains a complete romance story with HEA, we recommend reading the books in order— starting with Delving Deep. Standing Fast mentions child abuse and although it’s in the past,  this might trigger memories. It also contains disturbing and harmful coping mechanisms to  deal with the past. Reader discretion is


Standing Fast | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (books2read.com)


"Breathe, Sapphira. Breathe." 
She expelled the air from her lungs and heaved in a breath. 
"Good girl. Another." 
She obeyed. With the air, his scent drifted to her–leather and pine 
When his five o'clock shadow rasped over her face, she was acutely aware of the  contrast between his rough masculinity and strength and her softer and rounder  female parts. 


Easing back into the throne-like chair, he steepled his fingers in front of his mouth.  Is he smiling? Her mouth twitched with her own sense of humor, but she stayed in  position and lowered her head 

Sapphira didn't let men in her life let alone her home, and now Master B. has been  there twice. The first time when she went too deep into subspace after an intense scene.  The second time?  
With a finger to his lip he gave her a silent, “Don’t speak!”  
In his other hand... "Is that a gun?"  
"No, a watermelon."  
Sapphira blinked. Humor from the taciturn sadist? 
He cocked his head, indicating the baseball bat in her hands. "Are you going to bat  away the bullets?"



A BDSM scene was like an intricate dance, sometimes moving in sync other
times the choreography–although beautiful to a bystander–harder to understand.
She expected his question before it came.
"Please what, pet?" The sunlines at the corners of his eyes crinkled. "Don't hurt
you? Hurt you more?"
"More, more, more. Please more." Her body sagged against the cross.
"All right, pet. I'll give you more."
Instead of stepping back behind her, he curved his arm around her waist and
slid his hand over her crotch. He played his fingers over her mound like he'd run
them over the skewers, as if he was playing an instrument. She was his instrument,
and her moans were his melody. She shook at the knowledge of how much she was
willing to give this man.
Stepping back, he ran his fingers down her inner thighs. Trailing heat over the
exposed skin and her thighs quivered. By now, she was soaking wet, and there was no
way he missed it. She flinched.
"I want you wet." He pinched the sensitive skin at the top of her leg. "And
pleasing me is all you have to do."
With his unique brand of pain and teasing, he held the demons at bay. Does he
Another pinch pulled her attention back.
"Busy mind, you have."
She stiffened for a moment and anticipated his verbal abuse before his tone
registered. He didn't sound unhappy or mad.
His next words also showed he kept a close eye on her. "Don't worry, I like the
She dropped her forehead against her upper arm and closed her eyes.
Before the thud of the multi-stranded whip registered, the sound warned her
he'd abandoned the paddle and returned to the flogger. Her heart shrank, and her
shoulders dropped.
"Don't worry, pet. I can give you as much pain as you need."
A hundred angry bees stung her other butt cheek, and her pussy clenched.
Swinging fast and with full force now, he peppered her ass checks with stinging
swats. Her muscles loosened. He worked down her leg, up to the other side. His

strokes measured, occasionally giving her a lighter stroke, until her entire lower half seemed to be on fire. Her breathing slowed.
He increased the intensity, but her body stayed relaxed, and she enjoyed the
sounds of the strands hitting her flesh. She couldn't wait to see her ass and back
thighs in the mirror. With his skill and the intensity of the scene even on her skin
there would be some physical evidence. Proof she'd done it, taken it–but on her
terms, with her limits, and with a safeword in place.


“Sorry, bro. You’ll have to go back to the bunkhouse if you want something stronger
for your punch. Delilah convinced me to enjoy the party sober.”
“You can campaign more effectively sober.” Delilah smoothed down Ross' collar.
“I tried to point out that this wasn’t a campaign event, but that didn’t fly.”
Ben lifted an eyebrow at Mark who shook his head. No luck there either.
“I’ll survive.”

“I think Mrs. Henderson is sweet on you, Ben,” Delilah teased. “She’s been husband-
hunting ever since Mr. Henderson died. You’d better be careful around her. And sober is better if you want to avoid saying something you might later regret.”
“Mrs. Henderson? She taught us in Sunday School! She must have twenty years on
me.” Ben was so shocked at the idea that he said more than he usually did. He resolved  to keep his mouth shut.
“Don’t sound so worried, bro,” Mark continued the ragging. “I’m sure the two of you
will be very happy together.”
Ben gave Mark a look that threatened violence if he continued.
“Okay, okay. I give up.” Mark held his hands up in a placating gesture before he went
unnaturally still. "Now would you look at that."
Ben followed Mark's gaze to Maddy and Lou who were tangled in a scorching kiss.
"I never thought I'd say so, but I approve."
Ross hummed. "Me too. He's good for her, and she needs someone like him in her
"Finally," Delilah muttered.
Ben took a big gulp from the punch and tried to pretend it was spiked with rum.
“Hey, who’s the new chick with Maddy and Lou? That’s no one from around here.”
Turning in the direction of what had caught Mark’s rapt attention, Ben’s day
brightened. Mark looked interested until he saw the expression of possessiveness on his twin’s face.


"I don't like to climax."
"You don't?"
The expression on his face made her grin. "I don't. I... I don't like the loss of control
over my body." She peeked at him from under her eyelashes. "I like pain, though. It...
centers me, I guess is the best word."
“I'm sorry.” He laid his huge, warm hand over her much smaller, chilled fingers. He
opened his mouth to speak, seemed to weight his thoughts, and continued, “To be
honest, I never suspected the orgasm was what spooked you.”
She tipped her head further back and studied his face. She saw no dishonesty or
deceit, only true regret and something else she couldn't put a name to. "We should have talked it through a bit more." She inhaled deeply and forced on. “I just was eager to have a scene, to be mastered... by you."
This time the crease in his cheek stayed longer and his eyes sparkled. "I liked to
master you, to hurt you." He sobered. "However, I did also enjoy bringing you to
climax. Do you trust me enough to take you there?"
“I'm not sure.” She stared at her feet, kicked the dirt, and tried to order the thoughts
running through his mind. After a minute, she shook her head. With her emotions
running rampant, her brain wouldn't cooperate. “I'm not sure, but can we play it by
ear? Would..." She lifted her face again. "Would you stop when I ask you? When I get
scared and overwhelmed? Can I trust you not... not to put yourself inside me when
I'm... when I've...”
He lifted the hand he still held to his mouth and kissed the knuckles. The unexpected
tender gesture sent goosebumps over her skin. He pulled back and gave her a sincere smile. “I will not only listen for your safeword, but I will also pay better attention to your body language.” He took her chin between the pad of his thumb and his forefinger.
“And I have never ever fucked an unwilling, unresponsive, or spaced-out sub." He
moved her head like he tried to study her face from every angle. "Do you believe me?"
"I do." The speed and sincerity of the words tumbling from her mouth surprised her
as much or even more than him.
"Are you afraid of me?"
She tilted her head. “Not... exactly. I’m a bit scared of my own reaction to you.”
“Now that's an answer to warm a man's heart. Do you remember your safe word?”
“Good.” He laced their fingers. “Now let's return to the party before they call out
search and rescue.” She hesitated, then followed him towards the mingling guests.
Sapphira enjoyed how he kept their hands clasped together as he introduced her to his brothers and Delilah. She noticed the possessive tightening of his grip when his twin brother roamed appreciative eyes over her body. She also noticed Ben didn't let go of her hand when Mark's mouth twisted in a teasing smirk as his gaze lingered on their laced fingers.

Short Sensual

With a tenderness he never showed any other woman he stroked her long dark hair
from her face over her shoulder and out of his way. He curled his palm around her nape and moved closer until their bodies were flush. Patiently, he waited. For a few
heartbeats they breathed in each other's air. Their breaths and their scents mingled.

Then he sensed her surrender – more than the wetting of her lips, he could feel it in
the tilting of her head – in the way she opened herself to his gaze and touch.
He leaned in and brushed his lips over her forehead, the tip of her nose and her
mouth. He cradled her skull in his hand, slanted his head and ran the tip of his tongue over her bottom lip. On a soft gasp she opened for him, Ben swooped in and claimed her mouth like he’d wanted to do for over two hours now.



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