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Hi, my name is Kelly, but I write under the pen name of KM Lowe. I live in Scotland, with my husband, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. I enjoy anything to do with books, reading, writing, hoarding them...the latter is much to my husbands annoyance especially when he has to move them for decorating. Lol! 

I'm quite an active person. I like the great outdoors, walking, cycling, karate, and swimming.

During lockdown i learnt myself how to crochet to pass the time away. I love different arts and crafts, book folding, diamond painting, card making, I love to be crafty with my daughter. 

I have a slight obsession with pugs thanks to my real life pug, Bella. I have slippers, pjs, socks, cushions, name it.

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Lisa - Coming Of Age (Book 1 of The Guardian Shifters)  By KM Lowe




Soulmates will overcome anything.


When Lisa was left on the hospital steps seventeen years ago, it left a lot of unanswered questions in her mind. Where did she come from? Why was she abandoned? What did her future hold?


Well, one thing she knew was that her adoptive parents were the one constant thing in her life. She was loved, cared for, protected... until her biological family secrets were revealed, leaving her to fight the biggest fight of her life.


She turns to her best friend and soulmate, Marcus, who happens to make her world rock with emotions she didn't know existed.


Will Lisa's life ever be the same again?


Will Lisa's love for Marcus survive?


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Shawland Security Book 1
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Do you like dark romance? You do, then check out my Shawland brothers. I guarantee that you'll be on the edge of your seat.


Find out why readers say they should be turned into films.


Shawland Security Series.


Shawland Security:Book 1

By KM Lowe

99p/99c introductory price


Shawland Security was a fresh start for Caleb Shawland


Caleb thought that leaving his detective status behind would let him sleep easy at night. He’d be his own boss. He’d finally be able to settle down and have a life. Only, that doesn’t last long.


When Caleb’s ex-partner from the CPD walks into his office and mentions Aria Marshall, his world turns upside down in a heartbeat.


Aria Marshall was his one true love.


Aria Marshall has spent all of her adult life helping people less fortunate in third world countries. Her return home to Chicago was supposed to be the next chapter of her life, only she didn’t expect a predator to be waiting in the wings. She didn’t expect the next ten years of her life to vanish. Only it did, and now she needs to find a way to deal with the abuse and violence she faced.


The moment Caleb stumbles back into Aria’s life, he knows for sure he'll do anything to protect her. No matter what that may be.


Will Caleb capture her predator before any more innocent girls find themselves in Aria’s position.


Will Aria ever be able to get over her ordeal?


Only time and patience will tell.


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Burning Hearts A Dark Loss
Burning Hearts A Dark Loss KM Lowe.jpg

Being a fireman is a tough job. For Jase McGrady, saving lives, helping people, and supporting his colleagues are rewards in themselves. And then the unthinkable happens.

Jase had a life, a job he loved, a fiancée, a future. Until the one thing he believed he could always win against took the one thing he loved, and he couldn’t do a thing to save her. One fire and Jase’s life had gone up in smoke.

Jase’s life now hangs out of balance. He doesn’t know how to live without the one person he grew up with. He doesn’t want to live without her. He doesn’t want to face another day on his own.

His life spirals out of control and he doesn’t want help. He doesn’t want to live with this guilt he has hanging over his head every day. His control has slipped and he doesn’t know how to get it back. But his friend and colleague, Mark, steps up and takes the brunt of Jase’s anger and frustration. He pushes him to face his demons.

Only time will tell if Jase will return as a firefighter, or whether he will be forever lost in the dark abyss that is now his life.

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What Becomes of A Broken Heart
What Beocomes Of a Broken Heart KM Lowe.

Title: What Becomes Of A Broken Heart?

Author: KM Lowe

 Genre - Contemporary Romance

Editor: Karen Sanders

 Designer: Francessca PR & Design




 What Becomes Of A Broken Heart?


 Andrea has everything she possibly dreamt of; a life, a job, a husband, and a baby on the way… until that one fateful day.


Andrea’s life is turned upside in a heartbeat. Everything she once knew has changed and nothing and no one can help her…or so she thinks.


 Once the heart is broken it takes something special to repair it. Only true love, friendship, and support is the key.


Can Andrea repair her broken heart and move forward?


Will her life ever be the same again? Only time will tell.

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