M. Leigh Morhaime

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I am an East Coast Native making my home in the Pacific Northwest now with my husband, Rottie-mix Sam, orange tabby Watson, and Hannibal the mean-mugging but handsome main coon. I've been writing since I was an imaginative child who needed some sort of outlet but it wasn't until last year that I was finally able to put THE END on something. Since then, I've published 4 novellas, 3 short stories (in anthologies), 1 poetry collection, 1 full length, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, I'm joking about the last one... 

By day, I find people homes and kill their spiders (aka, I am in the Property Management field) and by night, I write contemporary romance with strong women's fiction vibes. I spent nearly a decade in the restaurant industry and now, I use some of those stories (and nightmares) to fuel my writing. I have a background in art (photography, mostly) and now, am diving into the deep end of graphic design. I spend way too much time creating covers for stories I haven't written and starting new ideas before finishing the nearly 100 others. Oh, I also own almost 900 books. 

Also, I'm a leftie. My grandpa was too. He was the best man I ever knew (alongside my husband). 


Ellis Murphy has loved Levi Winchester for most of their fifteen-year friendship. She’s gone hundreds of miles away for college, dated other people, and desperately tried to ignore her feelings for him all these years.

Levi has always been the playful, harmless flirter but her steadfast rock of a friend. Between camping with their best friends, the countless nights by the pool, and sitting under fireworks, things seem to be shifting. Levi thinks there’s someone waiting for Ellis back north and he isn’t sure how he feels about that—so he settles in for another summer with their friends. They’ve both resolved themselves to just being friends—without the other even knowing.

But the fireworks seem to be larger than ever this summer—and not the ones put on by her family’s fourth of July show. Is Ellis reading too much into it? Or does Levi really see her as more than a friend?

After all, how could they be anything more after being friends for so long?


***** "Watching Ellis and Levi allowing themselves to admit what everyone else knew, is a trip you don't want to miss... There's just something magical about fireworks in the air!" -Shelly Zapata



Finleigh was an artist. Was being the operative word. She’d always been surrounded by art—until she couldn’t be anymore.

But when a tragedy left her empty and heartbroken, she found Ian’s class. She planned to refresh, ease back into her painting.

Her relationship with Ian changed that, as he remained a constant through her turbulent life, becoming her best friend. Ian taught her the difference between the unfinished canvas and the artist that quits. Helping her heal enough for her to possibly open her heart to someone new.

But would she ever be able to?

***** "I laughed, cried and said Aaawww and read the entire book in one sitting. Fully engaging, rich, and emotional story." -Amazon Review

***** "To me, it’s more than a romance; it’s about dealing with pain and heartache, leaning on loved ones, learning personal growth, and letting life, love, and relationships happen organically." -Amazon Review

***** "I was in love with this book from the moment I started reading it." -Amazon Review


A Heart Away From Home
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A vacation with her college best friends was just what Kari needed before heading into her final year of graduate school. Spending that week close to her high school sweetheart, Jake, was a different story. They were friends before sweethearts. Couldn’t they just go back to that?

Or would they find that the Caribbean sun wasn’t the only thing that could scorch them?

***** "I started this short story and once I started I couldn’t stop! It’s an absolute page turner that keeps you guessing until the very end." -Shannon O'Connor, Author. 


Adolescent Antiquities: A Poetry Collection
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For years, these words have been collecting dust in the dark. They've been hidden away out of fear. But now, they get to speak out loud. They get to tell the story of a girl once too young, too alone, too full of dreams.


***** "Such a beautifully written and raw poetry collection." -Amazon Review


***** "Morhaime takes ugly moments and memories, and turns them into something beautiful and inspiring. The poems convey overwhelming emotion--they can be hard to read, especially if one has experienced similar trauma. But the message of the collection as a whole is powerfully hopeful." -Aubrey Brandon, Author.


Your Not-So Valentine
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Sloane used to believe in love. This was before the only guy she'd ever loved crushed her-on Valentine's Day. Now, her days consist of work, school, ignoring the heartache, repeat. She doesn’t know if love truly exists anymore—and she isn’t sure she wants to find out.

So when Hudson and his friends keep showing up at her work, sitting in her section, she finds herself growing more and more irritated. He’s everything she never wanted. She wants nothing to do with him and she makes sure they all know that. But Hudson can't seem to be shaken. He wants to know her. He wants to figure her out.

She doesn't want to let him close but maybe she won't have a choice. Maybe he has already found his way in.

***** "I had so many emotions on the ending that I am hoping this one day becomes a longer story. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves love, hates love, or wants a laugh. This story will not disappoint. I personally loved Sloane because she is a fresh new character, she is unique, makes you laugh, and you want her to find happiness." -Shannon O'Connor, Author



Just For Christmas

Just in time for the holidays comes a romance that neither of them were prepared for.

Madeline hasn't been home much since moving halfway across the country. So when she decides to take a full month to spend time with her family, she wasn't anticipating the newest "family" addition, Miles. Having no family in the area, the Montgomery's decided he was now a part of their family. And it would just be an added bonus if Mads and Miles hit it off, right?

Which they do. Almost instantly they find themselves wanting to know everything about each other. The connection is stronger than either of them expected and they try to keep the distance.

After all, she's only home Just for Christmas.

***** "Interesting and captivating story. Not your typical romance. Well written and kept my interest throughout." -Goodreads Review. 



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