Nikki Ash

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When I first started in the community it was through a phenomenal group, B.A.N.G. Book Club ( and a little while after I joined I put up a post asking who in the group was an author and she was the first to comment. Immediately I picked up her first book in the Fighting series, I devoured the series in a couple of days and I became obsessed!! Having kept up with her books each as fascinatingly entertaining as the first. Following her through the years she has written some books that had me cursing her out while she also gives us all the single parents and surprise babies!! Her focus on friendships along with relationships gives us a wonderful series with recurring characters that will keep you excited to see them grow and mature in quite a few cases!! Appreciating a finely woven tale, I crave new books by Nikki and wish I could read her daily. Having an incredible way with words, strong heroines, and loveable men, Nikki keeps you coming back to her stories repeatedly. I will forever be grateful for the worlds she has created that let me escape my own reality for a little while. Looking forward to anything she might come up with!!

Fighting Series
If you like individual books
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Fighting With Faith Nikki Ash.jpg
Fighting For Your Touch Nikki Ash.jpg
Fighting For Your Love Nikki Ash.jpg
Fighting 'Round The Christmas Tree Nikki
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Fighting Love Series
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Clinched Nikki Ash.jpg
Takedown Nikki Ash.jpg
Knocked Down Nikki Ash.jpg
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Fighting Love Boxset Nikki Ash.jpg
Finding Love Series
My Kind Of Love Nikki Ash.jpg
My Kind Of Beautiful Nikki Ash.jpg
My Kind Of Perfect Nikki Ash.jpg
Imperfect Love Series
The Pickup Nikki Ash.jpg
Going Deep Nikki Ash.jpg
On the Surface Nikki Ash.jpg
Through His Eyes Nikki Ash.jpg
Truth & Lies Duet with K Webster
Hidden Truths Nikki Ash.jpg
Stolen Lies Nikki Ash.jpg
Torn & Bound Duet with K Webster
Torn Apart Nikki Ash & K Webster.jpg
Bound Together Nikki Ash & K Webster.jpg
Clutch Player Cocky Hero Club
Clutch Player Nikki Ash.jpg
Bordello Nikki Ash.jpg
Unbroken Promises Nikki Ash.jpg
Heath Nikki Ash & K Webster.jpg
Love Me Harder Nikki Ash.jpg
Fool Me Once Nikki Ash.jpg
I Have Lived And I Have Loved Anthology.
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