REVIEW - Claimed by Raven Amor

Updated: Mar 16

Having read this a few days ago I'm still reeling from this book in the best way!! Raven has created a dark soul-wrenching conclusion to Ice and Rae's story and it's a ride you must go on with them!! Unable to put the book down until its ultimate conclusion, I was transported into their personal hell and didn't come out unscathed with their story taking over my brain at various times it's that phenomenal a story. I am truly in awe of her ability to tell an all-consuming tale that will have you questioning everything and to read her is to know, she will write anything so no one and nothing is safe, be fearful where she'll take you. Thinking of Ice and Rae's struggles, together and alone, throws me into a wide variety of emotions about their journey that are still consuming me today and I don't see them stopping anytime soon!! These characters are seared onto my soul now and Ice has definitely become a favorite in the harem!!

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