COVER REVEAL - Unholy Trinity by Macy Butler


Unholy Trinity by Macy Butler is coming May 18!


When the emotional abuse she’d endured for years turns physical, Lena finally gets the nerve to leave her fiancé… But Chase is so jealous and controlling that she knows he’d rather kill her than let her go.

Lena’s only hope at escaping is to run.

After she slips away in the middle of the night to a place she hopes he’d never think to

look—Antigua, Guatemala—Lena makes a fast friend in Trinity, a sassy young Aussie

backpacker bartending her way through Central and South America.

Dante is just trying to have some fun on his birthday. Inhibitions fall by the wayside after several celebratory shots of mezcal. An unexpected three-way chemistry turns the trio into a trinity that is far from holy.

After their wild weekend, it seems like Lena’s past is catching up with her. Dante and Trinity vow to help, but can they protect her when they’re all at risk?

Dante would rather die than let anything happen to the women who’d found their way into his life—and his heart.

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