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From USA Today Bestselling Author Nikki Ash comes Finding Prince Charming: a secret baby romance.

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As a little girl, I dreamed of finding my own Prince Charming—just like in the story my mom used to read to me.

But as a woman who grew up living a life that was anything but a fairy tale, I never expected it to happen to me, and certainly not in the bordello I worked at in Las Vegas.

When our eyes locked, I knew, in another life, Liam could easily be my Prince Charming, but in my world, those kind of men didn’t exist.

He was determined to prove me wrong, though, and in one weekend, he not only showed me the world in a different light, but made me feel like a princess—before he disappeared without a trace.

After he walked away, I was determined to write my own happy ending—turns out the first chapter was becoming a single mom. Because that handsome prince… He left me the most exquisite crown jewel, who’s now my entire world.

And while I might’ve given up on finding my Prince Charming, I’ll make sure my daughter has the fairy-tale life I never did.

**Please note: if you purchased the Knocked Up: a secret baby romance anthology, Finding Prince Charming is in there.**

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