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My hands have been covered in blood since I was old enough to drive. I’ve been a

soldier for the Vicci Crime Family alongside my best friend, Angelo Rizzuto. Nothing has

ever distracted me from my duties as a soldier and underboss.

Until now.

Angelo’s first order of business as head of the family is to end the lives of the firstborn

children to capos in the Mancini Crime Family. A task I accept without hesitation. After

all, taking a life isn’t anything new to me. One, two—quick, easy kills. But number three

stops me dead in my tracks and has me questioning if I can go through with it.

For the first time ever, it looks as if I will fail the family…

This kill should be just as easy as the others, but nothing is ever simple when it comes

to Victoria Devecchio, the one girl I’ve given my heart to as a kid. Even though I moved

on and married another woman, who blessed me with a daughter, nothing in the world

could’ve prepared me for this.

One thing is certain…

When your past crashes headfirst into your present, nothing is off the table.

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