REVIEW - Protecting Charity by Ann-Marie Davis

Updated: Mar 16

When I read Charity's Torment I was impressed by a new to me author and her writing style along with these characters she's created. Reading Protecting Charity I am secure in the knowledge that I just found a new favorite author!! Beautiful writing keeps you captivated as you read these wonderful words that she somehow put together to bring us these fascinating characters to life. Charity is one of a kind and her men are definitely able to keep up with her, but can they trust her to do her thing? Relationships are all about learning how letting someone be themselves while also being with you, loving and protecting you are not always synonymous with each other. Adoring this sentiment that is woven throughout the book, I can't wait to see how Charity deals with her overprotective Alpha males!! Truly a fascinating and compelling read, you definitely want to buy this book right now!! Nico, Luca and Max are already members of my harem and I'm quite in love with them all!!

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