REVIEW - Our Thing by Nicci Harris

Introduced to these characters in the first book Max and Cassidy take center stage in this one furthermore I have found a new love in them both! Cassidy's commitment to everything she wants is admirable and her dancing so beautifully but wishing to experience the three A's mixed with Max being who he is, her feelings towards the things she loves starts so pure and innocent and is a breath of fresh air even as she laments her lack of Angst, Action and Anguish. I found that the characters were definitely developing and growing with each other as they figured out how to be with each other with their families and commitments. Being that this is a dark romance Cassidy can't keep her innocence and it's a compelling journey we go on as she finds herself drawn into a world she knew nothing about that is nothing like her life until Max. Honestly this book had me enthralled with Max and his moods, loving a moody hero I was captivated at his interactions and fell in love with his mercurial self. Needing more of these two is my lasting impression therefore I'm thrilled to find out we get beyond this book with them. Looking forward to seeing them grow together while navigating the future is something I'm glad we get. Max and Cassidy have found their way into my harem, he's definitely not making friends while she dancing her way into everyone's hearts.

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