REVIEW - The Insiders by Tijan

Warning: This book promotes obsessive reading which results in maximum enjoyment!!

Sucked in from the very first page I didn't want to put this book down, unfortunately forced to a couple of times, which did not make me satisfied at the time although I finished it in a day therefore I am appeased. Characters that leap from the page, considerably eventful plotlines and a way of expressing emotion that is incredibly insightful, Tijan knocked it out of the park, yet again!!

A forward leap into a remarkable new world for Tijan, we've got Bailey and she's a heroine I admire tremendously. Thrown into a world she knows nothing about with nothing to tether herself to she starts out on a rocky road which eventually becomes smoother but not entirely because everywhere we turn there's something new to learn. Phenomenally intelligent she thinks she's a match for this world however she has no experience with the type of world in which these people inhabit therefore she finds herself confronted with things her intellect is unable to control when encountering her family and Kash's world.

Kash is a enigmatic character that we know little to nothing about except he demands attention everywhere he goes. Intrigued by Bailey on a very primal level, he needs to understand her furthermore he's challenged by her while being her guide through their world. Adoration is definitely a feeling they both induce in me without a second thought, his protective instincts are incredibly honed.

Side characters that I truly hope get explored in the future, the family is a whole ensemble of colorful people that deserve their own exploration!!

Kash and Bailey belong in my harem and they are making a nice comfortable villa for themselves!!

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