S.E. Roberts


Hey everyone! I feel honored to be one of the authors for Throwback Thursday. I write contemporary romance with a twist. I published my first book in 2018 and I’ve met some incredible people in the book world, who have become wonderful friends.


I’m originally from Illinois but now live in the Phoenix area with my husband of fifteen years, our two kiddos, and our spoiled cat. When I’m not writing I’m reading (romance, of course), spending time with my family, and drinking coffee.

If you get a chance to read my books, I hope you enjoy them and find a temporary escape in them.

Revived (The Unexpected Series: Book 1)

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How do you come back from having your heart shattered? How do you come back from rock-bottom?
Claire Davis has hit rock-bottom. When what should have been her happiest moment turned out to be anything but, it sent her plummeting. But she has one reason to claw herself back up... her baby boy. Because of him she pulls herself out of it and makes a new life for them, far from the man that  turned her life upside down. She even begins to trust again when she meets Ryker, a man that
brings her back to life. But will her past ever let her go?

Ryker Allen has been through hell and it's left him believing that love isn't in the cards for him. Finding your girlfriend in bed with another man will do that. So, romance and relationships? Not his thing and he makes sure every woman who gets near him knows that. But when he meets Claire, everything changes and he finds himself wanting exactly that, romance and a relationship. But will
Claire's past get in the way of that?

Sometimes the odds seem insurmountable. Can Claire and Ryke find their way through it all and find the one thing they both need? Each other...

Her Arrogant Boss

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It was supposed to be one night...

It was supposed to be one night of mindless sex. I don’t do relationships and I never hook up with the same woman twice. I’ve been burned before, leaving me with permanent scars. But I can’t seem to forget the leggy, nameless, blonde. That is until she shows up at my office needing a job. I try to deny her like the arrogant man I am, but Maddison soon crawls so far under my skin there’s no going back for me. We’ll have a little no-strings fun and then we can both move on. Easy enough,


I moved to the city for a fresh start, but it’s hard for me to get motivated when I can’t take my mind off the man who gave me a mind-blowing night and then tossed me out on the street. Imagine my surprise when he happens to be my new boss. I want to run away with my tail between my legs when he tries to refuse me a job, but Ian Wright quickly becomes a vital part of my life. We agree that nothing serious will happen between us, but when I find out I’m pregnant I’m not sure what he’ll
think. Will he run back to his playboy ways or can I tame my arrogant boss?

Fighting For Love
Fighting For Love Kindle Cover.jpg

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Ripley has dealt with plenty of jerks in the past. So when she meets her new coach, who refuses to work with her, she knows she’ll have a fight on her hands… in more ways than one. Even if he is the sexiest man she’s ever seen, she won’t let anyone treat her less than the fighter she is. But is there more to Ezra Cowen than meets the eye?


Ezra moved to Palm Meadows to escape the ghosts of his past. Now he works all day for his uncle and goes home every night to an empty apartment. But when he meets his new neighbor, he feels a spark between the two of them… at least until he finds out who she is. She’s mouthy and doesn’t take no for an answer, which may be just what he needs.


Can two people who thought they’d never find happiness find it with each other? Despite their rocky start, can they learn that love is worth fighting for?