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The Hellborn Series
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Bad Witch Walking (The Hellborn Series Book 1)
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My first book I released last year was Bad Witch Walking. It is the first in my series, The Hellborn Series. 


Savannah Woods is a hunter, who has worked to take down hellborns, who break the law.  As a hellborn herself, it is not an easy job to do.  But her job becomes increasingly more difficult with this case when human women turn up brutally murdered.  Someone within the hellborn community is trying to destroy the life the Black Grove Vampire Clan has built with the Falls Wolf Pack.  Savannah will have to solve this case before a war in her city breaks out and more lives will be lost.

Bad Karma (The Hellborn Series Book 2)
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Bad Karma is the second book in the Hellborn Series. Here is the blurb.

Savannah Woods has always been independent.  She had finally found a male who accepts her for who she is and was starting to see a happily ever after for herself. When her world gets turned upside down.  Now she faces her biggest challenge yet, proving Robert of the Falls Pack assaulted her along with a number of other females. Unfortunately, as she works to prove Robert’s guilt, her relationship with the pack is placed in jeopardy. With her best friend Meri at her side, the two will not only have to prove Robert’s guilt, but also to find a Voodoo Priestess who is killing humans and hellborns alike.  This case is like nothing Savannah has ever dealt with before.  Can she solve her own case and the voodoo murders before her world comes crashing down.

Bad Origins (The Hellborn Series Book 3)
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Bad Origins is my third book in The Hellborn Series.  Here is the blurb. 


Savannah and Santiago are a week away from their public mating ceremony when Savannah is called to a scene of a kidnapping. A young hybrid has been taken in the middle of the night from her home.  As Savannah and Meri work to find Isobel Daring, they soon discover other hybrid  children have gone missing from all over the country.  To add to Savannah’s troubles an unwanted hellborn from her past shows up at her door.  Her unwanted guest has their own plans for Savannah that could threaten her future.

Bad Intentions (The Hellborn Series Book 4)
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Bad Intentions is my newest book.  Here is the blurb.  Make sure you go check it out!


Savannah and Santiago’s life has changed dramatically in the last year with more complications than either of them could have foreseen.  Hugo, the leader of the Black Grove Clan, has only added to those complications with his decision to mate Dante.  With Hugo and Dante mating, the lives of all of the members of The Black Grove Clan will be affected.  While Savannah and Santiago must deal with the issues Dante is creating within the clan and with the Falls Wolf Pack, Savannah finds herself investigating the gruesome murders of two female hellborns.  The more she learns about the victims and their lives, the more she realizes the victims may be connected to her.  Savannah must decide if she should do something she has never done before.  Should she walk away from this case? Or continue to investigate these females’ deaths no matter the consequences.