T.S. Murphy

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A writer with a purpose, T.S. Murphy has written about MRKH Syndrome, affecting 1 in every 4500 women, and it definitely makes for a different kind of love story, focusing partly on the love the heroines must find for themselves. Starting this I did not know much about MRKH consequently I came out with all new respect for these women and their struggle to find their place in a world that places a high value on what they are missing. Vastly different from each other, except for their shared disorder, they are both phenomenal stories that I want to read repeatedly! Devouring both these books in one sitting was easy because the writing was compelling and the stories have wonderful pacing, never too fast or slow therefore feeling rushed or bogged down. Completely transported into these stories, I marveled at the beauty of her words as well as the flow of her story, the characters, their struggles, and these wonderful men who knew how to take care of their women. Honestly, I fell in love with everything about these books from the writing style to the character development. Age-appropriate for each heroine, the stories are true to each age and circumstance they are experiencing. I hope that she has more stories to tell with these women in the future because she weaves a superb story that keeps you turning the pages for more!!

The Imperfect Girls
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